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Accounts - Not for profit -  the features of Receipt and Payment Accoun


What are the features of Receipt and Payment Account?

Answer :

The following are the features of Receipt and Payment Account:

1. Nature: It is a Real Account. It is a summarised version of Cash Book.

2. Nature of Transactions: It records only cash and bank transactions. Transactions other than cash and bank like depreciation, loss/ profit on the sale of assets, etc. are not recorded in this account.

3. No distinction between Capital and Revenue items: It records all cash and bank receipts and payments of both capital and revenue nature.

4. Opening and closing balance: It begins with the opening balance of cash and bank and ends with the closing balance of the cash and bank (balancing figure) at the end of the accounting period.

5. Purpose: It reveals the cash position of an organisation. It helps to ascertain the total amount paid and received during an accounting period.

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